‘Recognise Christ in you’- a homily by Fr. Mariakumar SVD with Ukranian translation-10.10.2017

‘Listen and live it’- “Welcome the Word which has been planted in you and has the power to save you” (James 1. 21)

Listen and Live it

Feast of St. Helena-18.08.’17-Homily-Fr.James Mariakumar SVD, Heroldsbach,Germany

A Reflection on Numbers 11.4-15 and Mt.14.13-21

16. Reflection on Num.114-15; Mt.14.13-21

Transfiguration of Jesus

 The Transfiguration of Jesus

Forgiving love- Loving the ‘unlovable’ is the specialty of Christianity

Walking with Jesus and Mary

Healing through the renewal of our mind

A Reflection on Exodus 2,1-15 and Mt 11,20-24

The seed of God’s Word in the filed of our hearts

Feast of St. Peter and Paul

Homily – Vigil of the Feast of St. Peter and Paul 29.june 2017

Blessedness through living the Word of God


Homily on Faith By Prof. Fr James Mariakumar Vierzehn Heiligen, Germany – Oct 2016



Homily on the feast of St. Louis IX, King of France

Jesus, the treasure of our heart

Homily Martyrdom of St. James

Significance of Word of God


Father James Mariakumar SVD Sunday Homily 17.July.2016 Blatne, SK