Feast of St. Joseph and Appeal for Prayer

Three days’ festive Liturgy started this morning in our Parish in Pullichira in honor of St. Joseph, Feast being on 19th March.
As instructed people were asked to remain in the church during flag hoisting; procession and ‘fellowship eating’ after Mass was cancelled.
Evening we had Rosary, Litany and Benediction. Though less people than usual, during all the Liturgies powerful prayers were raised to the Throne of God, praying also for the people deprived of Holy Mass. We believe that there is no greater protection than through our Liturgies.
We hope that our beloved Priests will be able to act on this Faith and continue to convince the police. We rely God’s Mercy not to suspend our Liturgies which is the source of our strength. May our God be glorified in Lord Jesus Christ -for ever and ever.
Dear friends, please try to join in the celebration of Holy Mass, Adoration, group Rosary etc through youtube.
Our enemy is exploiting the situation causing hindrance for our powerful Paschal Celebrations. It is a Spiritual Warfare.
Please read Daniel 9.27 and many more from the Scripture shedding light into the present situation. Let us pray, pray, pray; repent and turn to the Lord and cry out for God’s Mercy. As we can understand from the Scripture, God will extend His Arm of Mercy when we do this.