Prayer to the Holy Spirit


Come Holy Spirit, fill our hearts, enkindle in us, the fire of your love.

Come Holy Spirit, teach me to pray unceasingly (Eph. 6.18)

Come Holy Spirit, give me thirst for the Divine Word.

 Come Holy Spirit, fill me with wisdom and enlighten my mind to understand the Divine Word.

Come Holy Spirit, deepen my faith in God and in His Word.

Come Holy Spirit, convict me of my sins and lead me to repentance where I fail to conform my life according to God’s word.

Come Holy Spirit, renew my mind according to God’s word; let it penetrate my whole being and transform me.

Come Holy Spirit, give me courage and fortitude to live the values of the Kingdom of God, in thought, word and deed.

Come Holy Spirit, give me an intense thirst for a holy life.

Come Holy Spirit, help me to grow in your fruits (Gal.5.22, 23) so that I may become true witness of Christ.

Come Holy Spirit, help me to accept sufferings in the spirit of Christ with joy.

Come Holy Spirit, increase in me the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Love

Come Holy Spirit, give me the gifts (Is. 11.2) and the charisms (1 Cor. 12.4-10) to make me and others true disciples of Christ.    

Come Holy Spirit, help me to focus my gaze on heaven while journeying through this pilgrim land.

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