The three days of the Easter Triduum are most important for Christian life.

Holy Thursday is significant because on this day Jesus fulfilled his promise to be with us till the end of time by instituting the Holy Eucharist and the Ministerial Priesthood. The historical Jesus is really living with us today in the Holy Eucharist through the Ministerial Priesthood which He instituted this day. Jesus said “this is my body broken for you”;when we look at the Crucified Lord, we know that He has broken Himself . He is continually breaking Himself and giving us in the Holy Eucharist and that requires of us also to break (our selfishness) and give ourselves to others in love and humble service heeding to what Jesus said while washing the feet

In the Good Friday Liturgy, we experience the suffering and death of the Lord through the Word of God, secondly through the unveiling of the Crucifix and then we receive the broken body of Jesus for our life. Jesus who died on the Cross and resurrected is living in us today. So we have to continue the work of the Lord till the end of our lives.

On Holy Saturday is a commemoration that the Lord who physically died lay in his tomb. What is important is that we keep this day holy, and let our “sense” of the mystery of death shape our reflection, and our longing to celebrate the Easter gift of Jesus alive, for us and with us.





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